Latest Interweb Music Discoveries

I thought I’d share the music-related sites that I’ve been finding on the Internet:

Kompoz. A great concept. It’s an on-line music collaboration site where people start projects with bits of a song. Then, people jump in and add in music or lyrics or vocals. I’m going to keep myself busy on weekends, that’s for sure. :)

Jango. Think democratic on-line radio, where people, not DJs, determine what songs get played more than others by their listens and likes. We’ve got a channel on there for the Shibanski and we’re doing quite well! It’s sort of like but a step further in terms of listeners deciding on airplay… a music site that showcases DJs’ music. It’s from here I bought an album of awesome breakbeat remixes of old blues classics by a guy called Mix & Dorp. Listen to the “blues + beat” album on his soundcloud channel and support him if you like by buying the album!

Drop your thoughts and experiences on those sites in the comments. :)

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